composite2.jpgThe news yesterday was all about Bill Clinton’s outburst against pro-lifers at a campaign stop in Steubenville, OH, February 18.
I agree with Tom at American Papist that…

Most of the attention, I’m sure, has to do with the ongoing prurient interest that folks have in watching Bill Clinton embarrass himself, but I’m sure the subject matter is also gaining a share of the attention.

… if only by osmosis.
Our message went out on every video clip.
Thank goodness David Vogel and friend had the wherewithal to turn their signs toward the audience – and camera.
Also, terminology “choice” or “pro-choice” was never used. Clinton called us “pro-life” twice and said the words “murder” and “abortion” in context together.
Even some newscasters called us “pro-life.” View just one example here….

Phat Catholic also spotted news reel of pro-lifers turning their backs to Clinton to say the Rosary.
I was surprised no reporter targeted the pro-lifers for disrupting Clinton’s speech, but they didn’t. The only angle presented was anti-Clinton: angry, off-message, hurting his wife’s campaign.
The only down side was having Clinton’s untrue “pro-lifers really want to throw aborting women in jail” mantra go out over and over.
Despite that wee complaint, our message went out very well.
Never thought I’d say this but, thank you, Bill Clinton.

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