obama%20mag.jpgBlogger Huckabeespot picked up yesterday on a same day CBS News article portraying Obama as a “midrange issues” politician. Wrote Huckabeespot:

Among many other pieces of evidence that [article author Brian] Montopoli presents for his position is the following:

Obama has been criticized for not taking a stand early in his career on some hot-button issues, including abortion: He voted “present” on abortion questions seven out of 14 times in the state Senate, including once when the issue was a statewide ban on so-called partial-birth abortion.

This makes it appear that Obama’s record on abortion is centrist and that he did not try to stop the law banning partial birth abortions….
[But] Obama’s record on abortion is much much worse than this would suggest….

The key issue happened when he was a state senator from Illinois. At that time there was a law under consideration which would have made it illegal to kill babies born alive who were supposed to be aborted….
The same law would later be introduced in the U.S. Senate and pass unanimously on a voice vote. Thus, Obama is actually more extreme on his pro-abortion position than NARAL – who did not oppose the law in the U.S. Senate.
This story has been around for a while and was easily discovered. Its hard to believe that a professional writer like Montopoli did not know about the story.

This is true. Just google “Obama abortion” and the facts are easily found. Numerous conservative news organizations have contacted me and written on this. I have written on it until I’m blue in the face. It was the reason for Alan Keyes’ famous quote, “Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama.”
But MSM is ignoring the fact Obama is so radical on abortion he supports infanticide if it would get in abortion’s way.
One reason is MSM is uncomfortable talking details on abortion. It doesn’t know the topic and by and large supports abortion in theory.
And of course the other reason is MSM likes Obama.

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