I said earlier today UCLA pro-lifers would be releasing a blockbuster issue of their student newspaper, The Advocate. Lila Rose just called to say its live, and here ’tis. Click cover, right, to enlarge.
Here’s the story:

Over the summer, The Advocate… [had] an actor call [Planned Parenthood] clinics across the country and pose as a donor. The actor… communicated… a very racist agenda, the one Margaret Sanger, PP’s founder, envisioned.
He… asked to donate money specifically for the abortions of African-American babies… to “lower the number of blacks in America.” Despite his bigoted requests, no PP employee (or director of development, in one case) declined the tainted money…. In fact, some even went as far as agreeing with the antiblack agenda….

PP’s 800 clinics receive more than $200 million of taxpayer money annually. It is unacceptable for a nonprofit to accept donations that target specific races….
The Advocate’s investigation discovered this is official policy. The calls unearthed a PP program that poses a threat to minority communities. Many centers set up “women in need” or “justice” funds designating money specifically for minority abortions.
With more than 79% of clinics in minority neighborhoods, and more than 1400 black abortions daily, these programs are doing precisely what our actor asked them to do. PP is (intentionally or not) exterminating the black community.

The Advocate is calling on UCLA to sever ties with PP. Here’s an excellent video on the sting.

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