slowhand4.jpgI said yesterday there may be rats scurrying about the grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood of KS and MO for multiple accusations of illegal activity.
Those rats would be Democrat judge Kevin Moriarty and his appointed special counsel supposedly helping the grand jury, Larry McClain, hereafter known as Slowhand and Crackbrain.
I said PP’s game plan is to run out the grand jury’s 90-day clock, which expires March 9, by stalling. Slowhand and Crackbrain have been enabling PP to that end. It took Slowhand 40 days, for instance, to respond to PP’s complaint about an issued subpoena….

Well, within the hour Johnson County DA Phill Kline filed a motion calling on Slowhand to do his job and enforce that subpoena, now issued 50 days ago and demanding records from PP. Kline also motioned for the grand jury to do its job. To date it has only met 11 of 66 days it could have.
Kline also nailed Crackbrain for incredibly calling a PP attorney to kibbitz about the case yesterday from the supposedly secret grand jury proceedings.
The motion also reveals the agreement Crackbrain and PP reached so PP would respond to the subpoena (as if any other entity being investigated could negotiate terms?!).
Crackbrain inexplicably agreed to a bizarre “protective order” drafted by PP, without the grand jurors knowing, that would have:

  • exposed the grand jurors to criminal and civil liabilities they normally have immunity from.
  • prevented the grand jurors from using the PP’s documents to indict PP
  • tied Kline’s hands on PP’s separate criminal case
    After complaints by all, Slowhand voided the “protective order” and placed it under seal, certainly because it was so embarrassing. Well now we all know.
    Kline cited an example in his motion of a recent time Slowhand had a firecracker under his robe. In 2007 Slowhand oversaw a grand jury investigation of pornography and was “extremely aggressive,” according to Kline. During its 90 days the grand jury issued various subpoenas, heard testimony from 45+ witnesses, and issued 39 indictments.

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