announcing.gifYou are a bunch of troublemakers… :)
You may have noticed a site slowdown at various times this week. My server tells me all the traffic and comments this site receives have created havoc for its entire system.
(This month, we will experience another personal best – over 70,000 unique visitors and 2.5 million hits.)
Tonight after 9p EST my server is transferring me to an isolated server. I don’t understand much (any?) of this but want to give you a heads up. You may experience a few snags here tonight.
BTW, I’ve been watching the comment accumulation. We’re nearing 95,000 total comments for the past 2.5 years. When we get close to 100k, I’ll let you know. I’ll give a prize and accolades to the 100,000th commenter!
Thank you all so much for reading and commenting on this blog. Special thanks to our moderators, Bethany, Jacque, Jasper, Lauren (currently “on leave”), MK, and Valerie, and proofreader Angela. These dear people devote untold hours here helping things run smoothly.

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