announcing.gifLast night and today as he can get to it, web guru Tim is upgrading and adding features to the site. This means at times you may not be able to comment.
Traffic continues to increase. Tim and I were going over blog stats yesterday and learned more than half our visitors are from outside the U.S. Our strong stand against the culture of death resonates worldwide as pro-lifers on every continent fend it off.
The term “Gospel of Life” took on new meaning to me yesterday. Nearly 5% of our visitors live in Middle Eastern countries, mostly Iran. Such a sense of responsibility I now feel, such a burden. In reality, this battle we wage is beyond abortion, euthanasia, and human embryo experimentation. In actuality it is about the One in whose image we are created….

“Gospel of Life,” do you get it?
Thanks to all readers for making this blog successful. I hope commenters understand more than ever the value of your shared thoughts.
Can’t close this update without thanking again site moderators Bethany, MK, Jacqueline, Jasper, Lauren, and Valerie and proofer Angela. I couldn’t make it here a day without you.
Stay tuned for new additions to the Stanek blog I think you’ll like.

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