hodari%204.jpgYesterday the Detroit News broke a story that pro-lifers had recovered aborted babies, medical records, and “blood soaked medical waste” from a dumpster at WomanCare in Lathrup Village, MI, owned by late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari (left).
Last night I spoke with Dr. Monica Miller, the pro-lifer who kept the evidence until notifying police. Monica faxed me her police report and copies of documents retrieved from Hodari’s trash. She also detailed more of what they found. This morning she emailed me photos, one you see posted on page 1, the rest on page 2….

Hodari is denying charges, blaming “a new employee on Saturday,” according to the DN. But pro-lifers recovered medical waste and records from 3 of Hodari’s 6 mills – Lathrup Village, Southgate, and Sterling Heights – over the course of 4 Saturdays. Monica called Hodari’s explanation “a bunch of B.S.,” according to DN.
The volume of medical records and various identifiers recovered was staggering – over 200, according to Monica.
These included whole medical charts – intake forms, patient histories, how mothers became pregnant (rape, incest, “victim of failed birth control,” “victim of no birth control”), gestational age of baby, signed consent forms; procedure descriptions, and recovery room records; insurance forms; loan applications (more on that in another post); names; addresses; phone numbers; copies of driver’s licenses; and office appointment schedules.
DN reporter Kim Kozlowski copied down names and phone numbers before police arrived, telling Monica, “I’m wondering if I were to call them, what their reaction would be.”
Monica approximates the total number of babies recovered as 25. This was hard to ascertain since the babies were in parts. One’s skull was only slightly smaller than a tennis ball. One rib measured 2″. The estimated age here was 20-25 weeks. But most were 1st trimester – if that.
Monica told me, “I said to myself, ‘I am not willingly going to turn these babies over to them [authorities]. I don’t care if they arrest me.’ I told them, ‘This is a moral issue. These babies don’t belong in the trash. We got them out, and we’re going to bury them.'”
Authorities complied, and Monica has since taken the babies to a funeral home for safekeeping.
Biohardous waste recovered included bloody suction cannulas; bloody laminaria; used condoms and condom wrappers; IV bags with tubing and sharps attached; partially filled and empty drug vials; and bloody gauze.
Some charts were originals and dated the very day they were retrieved from the trash, a seeming violation of federal privacy laws. This calls into question Hodari’s ability to keep accurate records, as mandated by the state. And how also does Hodari accurately maintain income records for tax purposes?
Monica’s group also found several bloody but empty gauze tubes. These are tied at one end and the other placed at the end of the suction hose in a glass jar during an abortion. The idea is to catch small baby parts and let blood flow through. If these were bloody but empty, was the aborting woman pregnant to begin with? This leads to this strange waiver found in Hodari’s trash (click to enlarge):

This form maintains Hodari isn’t liable if it is later determined the abortee was never pregnant. It also makes the patient responsible for Hodari’s mistakes. Never saw a legitimate medical form stating the latter, that’s for sure.
There are more photos below. View them and weep.
[Hodari photo courtesy of the Detroit News]

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