hodari%20upi.jpgEveryone certainly remembers Alberto Hodari, the MI abortionist caught on videotape at Wayne State University 4 months ago bragging that he lies to patients, yadda yadda.
Well, Alberto is lying to authorities now.
I spoke with Dr. Monica Miller within the hour, one of the pro-lifers mentioned in the following Detroit News story who has been scavenging a dumpster at one of Hodari’s 6 mills for the past month.
Monica said she would get me photos and a copy of her police report tomorrow.
Monica has been a pro-life activist since the 80s and has recovered whole aborted babies from dumpsters. I can’t believe an abortionist would still be so stupid….

Monica told me, “Jill, I’ve never seen so many patient records in my life. This was the motherload of patient records.” So much for patient confidentiality. There were names, dates, SSNs, addresses, and phone numbers in that dumpster.
There were also baby parts – hands, spines, etc.
The EPA and police are on the scene right now. Here’s the developing story:

LATHRUP VILLAGE – Police and state officials called in hazardous waste crews Monday to haul away blood-soaked medical waste found in the Dumpster outside of WomanCare, an abortion provider that operates six mid-Michigan clinics.
Alberto Hodari, the clinic’s medical director, blamed the apparent improper disposal of materials on a new staff member.


Abortion foes say they have searched the clinic’s garbage for a month and found improperly disposed medical waste, along with medical documents that should have been shredded. They informed Lathrup Village police, who then launched the investigation.
“It’s absolutely despicable,” said Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, the group that claims to have found the improper dumping.
Hodari scoffed at the notion that the group had found medical waste in his Dumpster in Lathrup Village or any of the garbage receptacles at the five other WomanCare clinics….
“It’s a regulatory issue and possibly a civil issue, but this ought to be a felony,” said Lathrup Village Police Sgt. Vincent Lynch. “This is a neighborhood. Animals could get into the Dumpster they could drag the stuff around and you could end up with contamination as a public health issue far beyond the radius of the Dumpster. We have greater law enforcement for people who throw things outside the window of their car.”…

[HT: friend Andrew of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee; photos courtesy of Detroit News]
UPDATE, 5p: The Catholic Pro-Life Committee has excerpts from the police report.

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