The Detroit News reported today that the MI Dept. of Environmental Quality will not levy any fines against late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari for tossing aborted babies, biohazardous waste, used drugs, needles, and medical records into his dumpster. Pro-lifers found all of these over the course of 4 weekends at 3 of Hodari’s 6 mills.
hodari trash2.jpgWhen authorities search Hodari’s Lathrup Village mill trash, according to the DN, they found “waste that was improperly disposed and separated, placed in unlabeled containers and improperly mixed with other waste” but no babies.
According to the DN, the DEQ charged Hodari with 3 “waste-disposal violations” with instructions to retrain employees. That was it.
Meanwhile, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society reported in an email alert today that Monica Miller, the pro-lifer who stored Hodari’s trash at her home until enough evidence was garnered to notify police, is being billed $1100 “for keeping evidence on my property from Hodari’s dumpster – evidence that we collected so that the DEQ could do an investigation and file charges against Hodari!”…

CPLS stated in a press release:

The DEQ defends its inaction by claiming that Hodari’s violation was a one-time, isolated instance. Miller explains: “This is not true. And the DEQ knows it’s not true! We gave them evidence of violations that we discovered on February 24th and March 2nd. Furthermore we gave them evidence of violations at other Hodari abortion clinics – not just the one in Lathrup Village. There’s no question that Hodari violated the law multiple times….

CPLS has released an extended video that includes footage of obscured patient records and additional babies taken Hodari’s trash:

There is no justice when it comes to abortion. Authorities/judges are either pro-aborts are cowed by pro-aborts.
[Still shot of Hodari’s trash was taken from above video]

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