hannity's america.jpgFYI, tonight Hannity’s America will feature 2 segments of interest to pro-lifers: Obama’s position on abortion and Planned Parenthood’s willingness to accept bucks to kill blacks. For the latter it will play the calls secretly recorded by UCLA pro-lifers.
UPDATE, 8a: Hannity combined an exposé on Barack Obama’s radical support of abortion with an exposé on Planned Parenthood’s willingness to take money to abort black babies, since Obama supports PP.
The segment was very good except on one key issue…

Hannity botched Obama’s opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protect Act as state senator, i.e., support of infanticide. What a missed opportunity.
How hard was that to get right? But Hannity didn’t. He focused instead on the Induced Birth Infant Viability Act, 1 of BAIPA’s 2 companion bills that Obama also opposed.
BHO PP2.jpgNot only that, but Hannity mischaractered it as “requiring parents to be financially responsible for the baby’s medical bills and well-being if the abortion is not successful.” No, quite the contrary. The bill allowed a baby’s parent or guardian to sue a hospital, abortion clinic, or abortionist for failing to provide care to a live aborted baby. “Gosh!” as Napoleon Dynamite would say. Terrible research!
But Lila Rose, the UCLA student behind the PP phone sting, looked and sounded great, while PP looked and sounded terrible.
Hannity showed some condemning clips of Obama speaking at a PP event last summer, including this stumble, when Obama winged his close:

Thanks… uh… to all of you… uh… at Planned Parenthood for all the work that you are doing for women all across the country, and for families all across the country, and for men who are… have enough sense to realize you’re helping them all across the country.

Huh? Speaking of sense, aside from the obvious irony in Obama’s statement, the portion on men in particular made no sense. Men, of course, love PP, since it allows them to sexually exploit women more freely.
Hannity’s people asked Obama for a statement on PP’s racism but got no response. Excellent that Hannity tried to pin Obama on his support of this racist organization.
Here’s the segment:

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