zombine2.jpgAccording to folklore, zombies are undead corpses, or living dead. Such is IL’s parental notification law, and it needs cpr right now.
In 1995 – 13 years ago – the IL legislature passed a parental notice law.
All that was needed then was for the IL Supreme Court to write judicial bypass rules, i.e., provide a path through the courts for minors in abusive homes to abort around parents.
The Supremes, being liberal at the time, just said no.
But in 2006 the Supremes, now numbering more sound than unsound justices, issued rules.
By now, however, IL had a liberal attorney general, Lisa Madigan. (How liberal? She voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.)…

Lisa just needed to get a federal judge’s stamp of approval, but she took such sweet time the Supremes finally sent her a kick-in-the-pants letter to get a move on.
So she did. Then the federal judge who was to give that stamp, David Coar, took his sweet time deciding, almost a year.
Finally on February 28 Coar issued his decision, refusing to lift the injunction. He agreed with the ACLU’s argument that the law was faulty because it lacked a consent provision. Only this wasn’t a parental consent law; it was a parental notification law. There is already an IL law providing proper consent.
Someone must now motion for Coar to reconsider, providing information on the statute he said was missing.
The only 2 someones this can be are Lisa or Cook Co. State Attorney Dick Devine, another pro-abort. And they only have 10 days, expiring tomorrow.
However, any of the 118 IL state attorneys can intervene if they think they are not being adequately represented. Which is where phone calls come in. IL pro-lifers need to call your state attorney today or tomorrow.
I understand calls are being made at a good clip. I just called my sa, and the receptionist said she had received 5 in the last hour. Numbers for northern IL state attorneys are on page 2. You’ll have to google yours if living downstate.
COOK County: Richard Devine, 312-325-9200
DEKALB County: Ron Matekaitis, 815-895-7164
DUPAGE County: Joe Birkett, 630-407-8000
KANE County: John Barsanti, 630-232-3500
KENDALL County: Eric Weis, 630-553-4157
LAKE County: Michael Waller, 847-377-3000
MCHENRY County: Louis A. Bianchi, 815-334-4159
WILL County: James Glasgow, 815-727-8453
WINNEBAGO County: Philip Nicolosi, 815-319-4700

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