coar.jpgI wrote March 12 that the 17-year-old legal battle over IL’s parental notification law was having more time added thanks to federal judge Judge David Coar (pictured right), who agreed with the IL ACLU on only 1 of 11 globs of mud it threw against the legal wall to try to stop this law from taking effect. But 1 is all it took.
Our side contended Coar made a mistake. But the IL attorney general defending the case, Lisa Madigan (pictured below left), is a rabid pro-abort. Would she ask Coar to reconsider, the easiest and quickest way to end this?…

Madigan’s other option was to file an appeal with the 7th Circuit Court, but that would take months and years and cost much more taxpayer $.
Attorneys at the Thomas More Society prepared a motion to reconsider in case Lisa bailed, since she gave no indication what she was planning, if anything.
Our side told pro-lifers to call their state attorneys to pressure Madigan. Word on the street is pro-lifers made thousands of calls. One SA alone received 500 calls, which is just unheard of.
lisa.jpgNot sure what worked, but Madigan filed a motion to appeal just minutes before TMS filed a motion to reconsider on behalf of 2 SAs, 1 Republican, 1 Democrat, on March 13.
Today, Judge Coar denied our side’s motion to reconsider.
So Lisa’s motion to appeal to his higher ups stands.
Did Lisa file the motion to appeal rather than motion to reconsider to buy the abortion industry more time before its certain legal loss of the right to abort young girls without their parents knowing?
I think so. The appeal could take 6 months to a year or more to decide. Federal judges are not bound by time. This case should be a slam dunk. My legal source tells me the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled at least 3 times in favor of this issue.
[Coar photo courtesy of The History Makers]

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