I spoke in Dayton, TN, last night. I didn’t know this was where the Scopes “Monkey Trial” was heard in 1925. I drove by the historic courthouse.

IMO, this trial conceived legalized abortion in America. If humans have no souls, if we are mere morphs of animals, we are equally expendable. Only these days many consider animals not expendable. The monkey outranks the human. But I digress….

I became sad when learning where I was, when driving by the court house. Angst-filled, really, the same kind of feeling I get when driving through former slave states. The last time I felt like this I was passing through the Great Dismal Swamp in NC, through which slaves attempted escape. (And the swamp really is dismal.)
These sorts of places are related. I expect I’d get the same kind of feeling visiting the Coloseum. Only pro-lifers would understand.
Coincidentally, Jack Cashill reviewed Ben Stein’s evolution-busting film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed yesterday, to be released April 18. I’ve posted the trailer before, but here it is again:

Here’s the “Super Trailer” if interested in knowing more.
Reported Cashill:

A rousing SRO preview on Tuesday of the new Ben Stein documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, brought a Kansas City audience to its feet.
And with good cause. Stein’s often funny, always engaging frontal assault on the oppressive neo-Darwinist establishment is arguably the smartest and most sophisticated documentary ever produced on the right side of the cultural divide on any subject, ever….
Although the role Stein plays has been compared to the one Michael Moore plays in his films, the Stein persona is conspicuously brighter and more benign.
Nor do Stein and his producers resort to the kind of editing that make Moore movies something other than documentaries….
Expelled opens nationwide on April 18. The neo-Darwinists and their allies in the major media will do their best to kill it.
Co-producer Mark Mathis tells me that two network news producers have already chosen not to cover the film because it was “biased,” unlike, say, the much-covered Fahrenheit 911….

Stands to reason. No intelligence allowed.
[Photo of Scopes placard courtesy of MissBaker’sBiologyClass]

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