weekend question.jpgLast week came the first noticeable hurdle to Barack Obama’s race to the White House: his pastor, Jeremiah Wright.
News organizations held their collective finger on the replay button showing sermon clips from “best of” videos Wright sells at his Trinity United Church of Christ bookshop.
In these Wright displays himself as an anti-American black racist who thinks the U.S. government secretly launched the AIDS epidemic to wipe out blacks; that Jesus was “a poor black man” killed in a country “controlled by rich white people” by “Italians“; that 9/11 was a terrorist turnabout, giving the U.S. back what it has given; that Israel’s nuclear weapons are “ethnic bombs” designed in part to wipe out blacks, and much more.
Not news: I am an Obama cynic. I live 30 minutes from Obama’s church. I have attended it. My take is Obama joined TUCC, the largest black UCC church in the U.S., to garner southside Chicago black church power to help elevate him in politics, which worked at the time. As a community organizer before garnering his IL senate seat, Obama had access to all the southside churches and picked Wright’s for good reason.
This week, as reporters pored over old Wright sermons, speechs, and videos, more vileness came out, such as that Wright called Italians “garlic noses.” We can expect more in weeks and months to come.
So here’s a Gary Varvel comic inviting readers to write the caption as Barack and Michelle shake hands with Wright one fine Sunday morning.
varvel cartoon.jpg
Try your hand. What do you think Obama is saying?

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