This Saturday, May 3, the Archdiocese of Detroit will provide a funeral Mass and burial for 25 aborted babies retrieved from the trash dumpsters behind late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s Woman Care abortion clinics in MI.
Services will begin at 10:30a at St. Gerald’s Church, 21300 Farmington Road, Farmington, MI. A private burial service will take place for the aborted babies immediately following the Mass at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield.
Those not following the story can catch up here.
client name.jpgIn a nutshell, in February and March pro-lifers led by Monica Miller,director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, discovered biohazardous waste, over 200 patient records, used syringes, and the remains of aborted babies in the dumpsters of 3 of Hodari’s abortion clinics. Click to enlarge one patient record from Hodari’s trash, left. You can view a YouTube video of what they found here….

On March 6 Miller handed over to authorities all she had found except the babies. She kept copies of the medical records.
On March 10 the MI Dept. of Environmental Quality and police searched Hodari’s Lathrup Village dumpster and also found biohazardous waste.
To date no charges have been filed, although the Oakland Co. prosecutor’s office is expected to charge Hodari with violating MI laws on improper disposal of patient records.
In a press release announcing the funeral, Miller stated:
hodari funeral.jpg

These unborn babies are the throw-aways of our society. They were killed in violent acts of abortion, and literally thrown away in the trash – destined to find their final resting place with garbage in a land-fill. When we found them we discovered the awful secret of their hidden and silent deaths. Now they are embraced by God’s people and buried with other babies. This tomb will be a place of refuge especially for grieving mothers and dads who regret that they made the decision to abort their children – a place of reconciliation….

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