poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpThe new poll question is up:

This weekend GOP presidential candidate John McCain is hosting several possible vice presidential picks at his home. He said last month there were ~20 in his pool. Of these top names floated, who would you choose?

The poll site, Vizu, only allows 10 spots for answers, which made it hard. I listed the most recently and commonly foated names….

But there were many others: SC Sen. Jim DeMint, NC Sen. Elizabeth Dole, former TN Sen. Fred Thompson, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, CA Rep. Duncan Hunter, TX Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, IN Rep. Mike Pence, TX Gov. Rick Perry, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Dir. of the Office of Management & Budget Rob Portman, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, SC Gov. Mark Sanford, former MD Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, SD Sen. John Thune, and former OK Rep. J. C. Watts.
Perhaps you’re aware of more? Mention them in the comments section.
Re: last week’s poll, most of you thought neither Clinton nor Obama would do much to advance abortion. At least it appears that way on 1st analysis.
slide 1 5-24.JPG
But if you compare USA and International votes, Americans are suspicious that either candidate will make pro-life matters worse, while worldwide friends by and large think they’re all talk. Interesting. Click to enlarge:
slide 2 5-24.JPG
slide 3 5-24.JPG
I mentioned last week the International map fascinates me. It looks like our friend on a ship off the coast of Africa voted again (yellow flag). The speck of land upon which the red flag sits south of Alaska is the island of Oahu. The green flag near Cuba is positioned at a Caymen Island. And we have 5 Chinese voters this week, which is great. “Freedom!,” as Mel Gibson’s character William Wallace exclaimed in Braveheart.
If you want to view these maps in more detail, click on “Comment” on the Vizu poll, You’ll see this week’s map, which can be manipulated and enlarged. If you want to check a previous week’s poll map, after clicking “Comment,” highlight “My Vizu,” click on “My Polls,” and then click on the poll question that interests you. You’ll see the map.
As always, please make comments to either the old or new poll here, not at the Vizu website.

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