choose life mo 2.gifAfter a successful court battle, MO pro-lifers unveiled the newest state Choose Life specialty license plate on May 2.
You’d think pro-aborts would learn. They sue, they lose, all the way up to the US Supreme Court .
I spoke with Russ Amerling this morning, who heads the nationwide Choose Life effort, and got more on the status of lawsuits….

The only lawsuit our side ever lost was the 1st, in SC in 2003, and that was eventually overcome.
After SC legislators approved the Choose Life plate, pro-aborts demanded a Choose Choice plate, which they, being conservative, would not approve. (I say go for it. Let’s compete.) Pro-aborts sued for viewpoint discrimination and won. But SC changed the rules and made specialty plates an administrative function, not legislative, and Choose Life plates will soon be available on SC roads anyway.
choose life tn.jpg Pro-lifers have since won state and federal lawsuits in CA, FL, LA, OH, TN, and have won hearings with final resolution pending in IL, OK, NJ, and NY.
Actually pro-aborts don’t care about the expense of futile lawsuits. Taxpayers fund them.
But how far will pro-aborts go if they can?

  • In CA, even though our side won, a judge shut down its entire specialty plate program, blaming the Choose Life plate.
  • In IL, legislators simply stopped approving specialty plates since 2004 rather than surrender after our side (with me as 1 of the plaintiffs) sued in federal court. We have won the 1st round.
    choose life la.jpg

  • In NY, the lawsuit has gotten personal. Former Gov. George Pataki’s personal estate is now a defendant. As an aside, Pataki blamed Choose Life when vetoing a 9/11 specialty plate the NY legislature unanimously approved.
    The Choose Life website reports Choose Life plates have raised $8.76 million to promote or fund adoptions of March 31, 2008, in the 17 states where they are sold. See the status of your state here (although Russ told me he has to update the status of 5 states).

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