A friend sending me an article on the ACLU’s $335 fundraising effort included this thought:

In an Obama administration with a Democrat-controlled Congress, pro-life efforts would likely gravitate to “outside the beltway” activities, i.e., activities at the state level.
Our enemies seem to have anticipated that. They are gearing up, as the article below documents. Are pro-life efforts and plans also gearing up at the state level?

Here is the June 10 ACLU press release:
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The ACLU today announced the… largest fundraising campaign on behalf of civil rights and liberties in American history. The $335 million… unprecedented effort [is] to build the organization’s infrastructure by increasing funding to key state affiliates nationwide….

The campaign has already raised more than $258 million… highlighted by 21 contributions of $1 million or more from the ACLU’s staunchest supporters and several of the world’s most noted philanthropists. These include two gifts of $12 million, one from George Soros… and one from the Sandler Foundation. Other leadership contributors include the Leon Levy Foundation, which donated $5 million, and Delaney and her husband, Wayne Jordan, who donated $4 million….

aclu everyone needs.jpg

A major goal of the campaign is to substantially increase the ACLU’s presence and effectiveness from coast to coast by significantly increasing the programmatic and institutional capacity of its affiliates, particularly in states where civil liberties violations are most egregious and opportunities for change most promising. These states include Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Mississippi, Michigan, Missouri, and Tennessee.
Moreover, smaller affiliates located mainly in the South and in the country’s heartland will be bolstered by increased resources that will enable them to hire full-time attorneys, launch new advocacy programs, and expand communications and public education initiatives….
The ACLU has taken its affirmative agenda to the state and local levels by, among other causes… fighting the introduction of “intelligent design” curricula in Pennsylvania… [and] overturning abortion bans in Mississippi….

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