Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgFrom an American Life League press release this morning:

Jim Sedlak, vice president for ALL, issued the following statement about Habitat for Humanity of Sarasota, FL ending its cooperation with Planned Parenthood:
“We received news this morning that the Board of Directors of Habitat For Humanity of Sarasota, Inc. voted last evening to disengage itself from Planned Parenthood and not go through with a planned land deal. We are extremely pleased that the Habitat board saw fit to take this action.”

Backdrop, from Family Research Council

The unusual partnership evolved in Sarasota when the nation’s largest abortion merchant applied to build a new clinic.


Because of the city’s zoning policy, which requires that a multi-family housing unit exist on the back of the lot, Planned Parenthood’s request was denied.
To solve the problem, Planned Parenthood sold the property to Habitat for $10 in exchange for the ministry’s agreement to build the housing unit.
After striking the deal, Planned Parenthood resubmitted the request to construct a new clinic with these adjustments to the city commission. It was approved by a 3-2 vote. When pro-lifers started to get wind of the alliance, emails and phone calls of protest started flooding Habitat’s offices. The decision on whether or not to go through with the plan [sat] with the board of directors for approval.

The clinic PP has in mind is another mega-mill, this one planned to be 23,000 sq. ft. PP is calling this its new “regional headquarters.”

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