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  • Denny Burke highlights a recent exchange on the Albert Mohler Radio Program between guest host Russell Moore and Tony Campolo on the issue of abortion reduction vs. abortion elimination. Robert George was also a guest on the program.
    [JLS note: I’m so glad Denny and JivinJ spotted this. I received an email about this radio show but couldn’t locate the source. Tony Campolo is a Democrat evangelical pastor. On this show he proposed a tax-and-spend strategy to reduce abortion by up to 50%, he thought. My email friend reported: “The moderator made a brilliant comparison. He asked if this strategy was similar to someone leading a group of white supremecists to reduce the number of lynchings of the slaves. Campolo became enraged at this. Truth hurts.”]…

  • The Fresno Bee has a long article on Janet Rivera, a comatose woman whose feeding tube has been reinserted after a court appointed legal guardian had it removed:

    While Hadden says financial considerations have played no role in whether to keep her on life support, her family contends Rivera might not be in this situation if she had more money or better health-care coverage. Rivera’s medical bills are being paid by Medi-Cal, the state-federal insurance program for low-income families.

  • There’s a piece in the Toronto Star on Geeta Shroff and what she claims are human embryonic stem cell treatments.
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  • The Telegraph is reporting that US Weekly has claimed the twin children born to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were created by in-vitro fertilization.
    While I have no clue if this tabloid’s claim is true or not, if it is true, I wonder if there were any embryos who were not implanted and then frozen and if there are frozen embryos, what Pitt and Jolie plan on doing with those embryos.
    Pitt has been an outspoken advocate of embryonic stem cell research, including working to help pass CA’s Proposition 71 in 2004. He was even on the Today Show promoting it.

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