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News from the pro-life blogs today….

  • Mark Pickup comments on the death of Harriet McBryde Johnson, disability rights lawyer, opponent of euthanasia, and an atheist. Mark shares Johnson’s New York Times article, “Unspeakable Conversations,” about her encounter with Peter Singer, the Princeton professor who supports infanticide for children born with disabilities (ancient Sparta, anyone?)….

    Mark laments both Johnson’s atheism and that in her article she “missed a wonderful opportunity to help the New York Times‘ vast audience see that people with disabilities are equal and important members of society.” Pickup shares the essay he wrote in response to Johnson, entitled “Unspeakable Conversations for Good Atheists.”

  • John at Generations for Life reports that their Face the Truth event went well:

    Most importantly, though, countless hearts were changed, and in some cases, scheduled abortions were cancelled.

    maria b.jpg

  • Alexa at Forest Nymph links to some incredible news reports, including one from CNS about a baby who grew outside his mother’s womb and was recently born – perfectly healthy, by the way. As the title of the story indicates, “science can save both mother and child.”
  • Alexa also shares some good news from LifeNews, one article reporting that an abortion mill in OH was evicted. Way to go, OH!
  • And in CA it appears 48% of registered voters support Sarah’s Law, a proposition on the November ballot requiring parental notification on abortion. The law is named for 15-year-old Sarah, who aborted without her parents knowing and then needlessly died from complications that could have been averted had she received prompt medical care.
    [Photo of Maria Benedita and miracle son Valdir Gabriel courtesy of Catholic News Agency]

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