phill kline happy.jpgDon’t forget the Stand with Phill campaign is ongoing, trying to raise $300k for a burst of final days advertising in Phill Kline’s race against Steve Howe to capture the Republican nomination for Johnson County District Attorney. The election is in 8 days on August 5. Speaking of Howe, he just got a nomination he says he didn’t want, according to the Kansas City Star blog:

Don’t look for an endorsement from the Mainstream Coalition’s political action arm on Steve Howe’s campaign resume….

The board of MainPAC, an affiliate of the politically moderate Mainstream group, voted to endorse Howe, who is running against Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline in the Aug. 5 GOP primary.

steve howe 2008.jpg

But the conservative Howe turned down the endorsement.The former assistant district attorney, fired by Kline when he took office, is holding together a fragile coalition of GOP conservatives and moderates.
For social conservatives in Johnson County, the “secularist” Mainstream Coalition is the enemy. Howe doesn’t want to be regarded as sleeping with the enemy.
It could cost him critical conservative support.

As usual the KCS is spins. In reality, the Mainstream Coalition is a big liberal organization that mostly endorses pro-abort Democrats. Howe has been attempting to portray himself as a conservative. Howe’s cover is blown.
And ironically, the Mainstream Coalition will endorse and fight against many legislators in Howe’s “fragile coalition” in the upcoming general election.

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