By Glenn McCoy
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I’ve resisted posting on this all week but can no longer. On July 22 the National Enquirer followed up on a story it published late last year about John Edwards allegedly fathering an illegitimate baby….

This time NE appeared to catch Edwards visiting mom and baby. By this weekend the story had blanketed the Internet and is just starting to get mainstream play.
Let me first say, as I have said previously re: mothers in similar high profile crisis pregnancies, if this is true kudos to Hunter for carrying her baby under I’m sure enormous pressure to abort.
According to the, “Edwards later issued a brief statement criticizing the tabloids. He didn’t address the love child story, though it was the right time to deny it if it isn’t true.” If someone can find that statement, please link.
A couple bloggers are pointing back to a September 2007 Huffington Post story that may now make more sense.
Even as you liberals prepare to lambaste me for posting allegations, let me ask where were you when the New York Times alleged on its front page that John McCain had had an affair with a lobbyist?
Also consider this warning from your own, Huffington Post’s Lee Stranahan, today, well worth reading in its entirety:

The truth is that I believe anyone who looks into the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair story will see that Edwards has, at best, acted in a very suspicious manner for over a year now….
At first, I was skeptical of the National Enquirer story catching Edwards leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel at 2:45am because there were no pictures and the tabloids aren’t reliable. Now it turns out that Edwards was at the hotel, so was Ms. Hunter, and that he when he saw reporters he hid in the bathroom until security guards came and got him….
Let’s go with the assumption that Edwards is innocent for a moment; he didn’t have the affair so the baby isn’t his. If he didn’t do anything wrong then it seems like he’d have good reasons to stop the rumors. A DNA test months ago would have ended all speculation about the paternity of the baby. Isn’t that a better, less suspicious move than pulling down all the videos that Rielle Hunter helped produce about him for his campaign?…
It seems to me that this is going to be a tsunami-sized scandal for the Democratic Party and right now the coming typhoon of press coverage is close to breaking. We’re at the point of calm before the big waves hit but there are signs of the impending deluge. Jay Leno is making jokes about it. Perez Hilton is on the story. The mainstream media is fairly quiet but the most ominous silence right now is from the progressive blogosphere.
The progressive blogosphere is ignoring this story at its own peril because it’s going to be big. At this moment, there’s a weird state of denial about the entire thing…
A blog by John McQuaid said that there’s no “physical evidence a la Bill Clinton.” Well, there’s a baby. Not a stained dress left to hang in the closet for a few months but a real cooing, smiling little baby who I assume looks adorable on camera and probably has nice hair. That lil’ tyke is stuffed full of DNA, too. Cute little DNA.
Despite what some people are going to say, this is news. A former Senator and Vice Presidential candidate who was running for President less than six months ago and is now on the short list for Vice President has a long affair during the campaign and fathers a child, covers it up, and then is caught at a hotel with the mother of the child. News! Oh – and his wife made regular appearances on the campaign trail and has been diagnosed with cancer. If it were Mitt Romney, you’d be hearing peels of laughter and the satisfying smacking sound of Merlot and Starbucks fueled high fives coming from the nearest blue state. Would it have made the progressive blogs? C’mon, of course it would….

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