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News from the pro-life blogs today….

  • Alexa at Forest Nymph is a wealth of information, as usual. She links to an ABC News article, “Dems urge Bush to halt abortion proposal”

    The Department of Health and Human Services draft proposal, which began circulating around Capitol Hill last week, would require hospitals receiving federal funds to certify that, in their hiring, they do not discriminate against people who refuse to provide forms of contraception, such as birth control pills, due to personal religious beliefs.

    This will be an interesting fight to follow, a topic Jill brought to our attention last week.

  • Alexa also links to an article about a group of women in the Philippines who testified to the Catholic bishops there about women in the rural areas of that country having abortions because “women tended to have less access to family planning and maternal health care facilities.” The women who testified “agree with the Catholic Church’s teachings that abortion is a sin….” Furthermore:

    When a bishop asked the women if they were open to Christian values formation, [Susanah] Reyes [research director of the Asian Social Institute] said the women readily agreed to it.
    Many of women who underwent abortion were desperate and treated abortion as the last option, she noted.
    “They lacked information on family planning and how it is to become a better Christian,” Reyes said.

    It’s not clear to me what Reyes means by “family planning,” whether it’s artificial birth control or natural family planning. However, the concerns the group of rural women raise are significant. These mothers who are aborting their children seem to think that they have no choice, and clearly more needs to be done to provide them adequate support and care.

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