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From the blogs and elsewhere today…

  • Dawn Eden comments on American Life League’s report on Planned Parenthood‘s new site, [JLS warning: vile], arguing it is important that people know just how disturbing and graphic this new kid-targeted website is. Dawn says:

    But, because TakeCareDownThere is a taxpayer-funded site that targets children, I believe it is important to have an idea of just what Planned Parenthood is promoting. The site’s pro-promiscuity agenda is truly degrading to human beings in general and children in particular. It presents the pedophile’s dream of an omnisexual kiddie “cuddle puddle” as though such activities were normative teen behavior.

  • Warren Throckmorton writes…

    The APA [American Psychological Association] abortion and mental health task force was charged with conducting a fair review of research regarding the potential mental health consequences of abortion.
    Is this possible? Read this post, which quotes from an APA newsletter about what is science and what is ideology. I think this probably signals the tone of the upcoming report (August 18 unless the APA Council of Representatives rejects it).

  • Thom at The American Papist calls attention to “Abortion Clinic Days,” a “blog of abortion providers telling their stories.”
    Sunday‘s post was particularly troubling; it relates the story of a woman who decided to go through with an abortion because she thought Planned Parenthood’s staff was compassionate and kind to her. In response to this woman’s story, the abortion worker blogger posts:

    So here’s our promise to all the anti-abortion folks out there, who think that it’s horrifying to try to imagine good care through an abortion decision: We promise to continue to care for the women in your life when they need abortions and we will do it with compassion and dignity. When they can’t talk to you, we will make sure that they are safe, respected and loved, through whatever decisions they make.

    This blogger is absolutely right that these women need to be treated with love and compassion. No one disagrees with that. But it is not compassionate to use kindness in order to lure women into killing their children. And what about when these women are mourning or regretting these decisions later in life? I don’t think any number of warm cookies from PP will be enough to comfort these women then and help them heal. How is it compassionate to hold a woman’s hand and tell her that it’s okay to kill her child and mislead her into thinking that she’s not hurting herself?

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