I reported last week that SD’s only abortion mill, Planned Parenthood of Sioux Falls, apparently did not commit abortions last Monday, the first day a new law took effect forcing abortionists to tell mothers they planned to snuff a human life and may suffer psychological consequences.
The status now? The Catholic News Agency reported yesterday:

In an interview with CNA on Monday, July 28, Dr. [Allen] Unruh said there were still indications that no abortions were being performed at the Sioux Falls clinic. Sidewalk counselors had told him that none of the women who were apparently scheduled for abortions had showed at the clinic by 9:30 am.

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But SD’s Voices Carry blog cautions

It’s a bit like how Obama is taking a premature victory lap around the world right now. The pro-life community nationally has taken notice of the unusual Monday here at SD’s only abortuary. Unfortunately though, somehow, the story on blogs and national news reports has grown to… SD is now “an abortion-free state” and it’s because the doctors refused to come. Neither of these is certain.
What is true is that 5, not 8, women showed up to the “clinic” Monday for appointments (2 said they were there for abortion appointments) and all 5 found the doors locked and all 5 eventually left…
Some suggest PP merely changed “abortion day” to another day of the week to throw off those who are watching them closely. Though possible, it’s not probable since again they forgot to notify these women. What is true is that the PP here usually does abortions on Monday but told KELO News they were ” not seeing patients” on Monday. What’s true is that SD was abortion-free on Monday.
It’s speculation as to what exactly is going on but three options are likely 1) they weren’t ready to comply with the 8th Circuit Court ruling 2) their lawyers were holding up their doctors or 3) their doctors are now hesitant or refusing to come to SD to do abortions. Maybe it’s a combo of all three. Maybe we have seen SD’s last abortion and they will stay open for everything but abortion. These are maybe’s and speculations and that is it.
PP… has been open all week and, publicly, they say they are doing abortions at the Sioux Falls “clinic.” What’s true is that it’s virtually impossible to get accurate and true information of any sort out of PP. That’s why the courts had to step in and make sure they stopped giving women ideologically-charged, agenda-driven, non-scientific information (blobs of tissue) and instead give women information that is biologically and medically accurate.

[HT: LifeNews.com]

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