Conservative and new media are all over National Right to Life’s August 11 revelation that, contrary to multiple statements otherwise, Barack Obama as state senator did indeed vote against identical legislation as the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act, putting him to the left of NARAL and every other US senator.
mums.jpgBut as Warner Todd Huston writes today on, MSM has gone “mum”.
I happen to know one of the big 3 network news organizations has been sitting on this since last Thursday, going so far as to pass up the chance to break the story.
Meanwhile, The Weekly Standard has a piece on this today.
And look for something by Wall Street Journal’s John Fund tomorrow….

Here’s a nice example of a liberal trying to hide the truth about Obama’s support of infanticide. John Wilson in yesterday’s Huffington Post wrote:

Freddoso is so obsessed with attacking Obama’s support of abortion rights that the photo section of the book includes a full-page photo of Gianna Jessen, who “survived a saline abortion in 1977.” What does this have to do with Obama? Absolutely nothing.

Well, actually, if Wilson had included David Freddoso’s entire quote from his best-selling book, The case against Barack Obama, his readers would have concluded differently, which Wilson didn’t want. Here’s the page from the book (click to enlarge):
Gianna in Freddoso book 001.jpg
Interestingly, the title of Wilson’s piece was, “David Freddoso’s hatchet job.”
And here’s another little tidbit that should chill Obama’s peeps. In an anti-Bush, pro-ACLU, pro-terrorist rights op ed in The Morning Call today, Nat Hentoff wrote:

I agree with Obama’s reaction to the [Hamdan war crimes] trial; but if I vote for him, it will be with repugnance because he is so extreme a pro-abortionist that he opposed, in the Illinois legislature, a bill to preserve babies born alive after botched abortions.

“If”? Wow, that’s coming from Obama’s base.
So here’s a strong opponent.

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