Jerome Corsi, author of the book, The Obama Nation, was a guest on Hannity and Colmes August 12.
Both Hannity and Colmes spent time with Corsi discussing Obama’s opposition to IL’s Born Alive Infants Protection Act while state senator, legislation that would give newborn babies equal protection under the law even if aborted.
Frustratingly, none of the 3 were aware of the latest development, revealed by National Right to Life August 11: While Obama has repeatedly said he would have voted for the state Born Alive had it been an exact duplicate of the federally passed bill, the fact is he did vote AGAINST an identical version on March 13, 2003.
Note Colmes called aborted alive babies “fetuses born alive after botched abortions.” These are not fetuses.
Also note the name of a nurse you know popping up a couple times.

Erick Erickson at has subsequently challenged Colmes to stop “parrot[ing] the Obama talking points on this issue, because those talking points are dead wrong”.

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