It is into the wee hours of Day 4 actually, and I’m only now able to recap yesterday. It has taken awhile to edit and upload the video at the end of this post.
First, some popular booths spotted, including the Goodnight Bush booth, selling a parody of the classic Goodnight Moon (click to enlarge)…
Here’s an excerpt (yes, I bought the book; it’s really pretty funny):

Goodnight ballot box
Goodnight FOX

Goodnight towers

And goodnight balance of powers

Goodnight Constitution
And goodnight evolution…

You get the drift.
I attended a standing room only Democrats for Life press conference this afternoon. PA Senator Bob Casey, who gave a speech at last night’s convention, was on hand, as was Congressman Heath Shuler of NC

Pro-life dems.jpg
DFL prez and friend Kristen Day didn’t call on me to ask my question, I suspect on purpose. Others did ask how these pro-lifers could support such a radical pro-abort as Obama. Re: his promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, Shuler responded, “I don’t see it leaving the House”.
A Washington Post reporter asked an interesting question, in keeping with my observation that abortion support is being squelched at this DNC: “The mood here at this convention on the pro-choice issue strikes me as different than the mood in the past. I’d like to ask you about that.”
Congressman Lincoln Davis responded, “I think if we continue to have a platform in stark contrast to the Republican platform, I believe we are going to start losing”.
Casey, who spent the event carrying water for Obama, gave the obtuse answer, “I do think the mood is different. I think Barack Obama reflects that kind of perspective and that helps the mood.”
Oh brother.
I’ve been getting more and more requests for interviews about Obama and Born Alive. I gave four today, including one that got me into the Pepsi Center for a short time, where Democrats are holding their convention. There I spotted Randi Rhoades of Air America infamy on Radio Row….
dnc convention.jpg
Finally, I attended an early evening protest with the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.
The group first replaced flowers on The Children’s Wall at the Pepsi Center entrance, as they have done every day of the convention. The flowers have remained untouched.
Then the Survivors staged a “Die In,” to emulate abortion deaths against a backdrop of large graphic photos of aborted babies with the caption, “Barack Obama Change This”.
Here’s video I took of the event:

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