schumer 1.jpgNY Senator Chuck Schumer was just in the house. I went to get a photo of him and found myself sitting in on his conversation with the Daily Kos bloggers.
A few points.

  • Schumer said he just learned big money conservative/
    Republican 527s will be aiming not at the presidential race but at senatorial races, which he said worries him. Of course.
  • Schumer thought McCain’s Britney Spears/Paris Hilton ad was “very powerful”, because it appealed to that segment of voters who are uncertain of Obama because “they don’t know who he is”.
  • Schumer said he personally scolded Lieberman that it would be “very wrong” if he began to support Republicans, i.e., join the McCain ticket.
  • Schumer still thinks Obama can win with 300 electoral votes, if he convinces uncertain voters he understands their problems and can “get things done” for them.
    Meanwhile there’s this, just out from Gallup

    gallup 2.jpg
    HT for Gallup poll:]

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