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Hey, I only got condoms. From, today…

Anyone who has ever gone to a political convention knows that swag definitely isn’t in short supply.
But even Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers was amazed when he came across a unique giveaway just before a delegation breakfast; a can by the pro-choice group NARAL labeled, “Yes We CAN!”
“The terrible pun wasn’t lost on me,” Rogers said on his blog (cartoon below).

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According to the Pittsburgh cartoonist, “there was a pro-choice game booklet inside, pro-choice buttons and a pro-choice beer bottle opener.”
“I am not making this up,” he continued. “Inside the “fun games” booklet there were crosswords, jumbles, a connect-the-dot game and a maze where you had to find your way out of John McCain’s reproductive policies.”
NARAL bragged about their choice in convention giveaways on their blog, where they said they “may be a little nerdy about their swag-love, but they can’t help it!”
Also included in the can is a bottle opener, a pro-choice delegate button, and a pro-Obama window decal, all of which rubbed Rogers the wrong way.
“Look, I am totally in favor of a woman’s right to choose, but when is anything that has to do with abortion fun? ”
“And what were they thinking with that bottle opener,” Rogers said. “Do they think a pregnant woman is saying to herself, “Hmmm, this is probably the most personal, serious and emotional decision about my body I will ever have to make … it’s Miller time!”

I’m telling you the bloom is off the rose. Either abortion is becoming uncool, or even supporters are giving it more serious thought.
[HT: reader Rob T.]

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