Here’s a good one.
The 1,710 word book-column at looks impressive on the surface, written by Sherry Colb, “a Professor of Law and Charles Evans Hughes Scholar at Cornell Law School.”
Cornell, my.
The only problem with Colb’s attempt to clear Obama of his pro-infanticide position is she referenced the wrong bill. I couldn’t believe it….

Colb linked to “a 2002 proposed law entitled the “Illinois Induced Birth Infant Liability Act,” Senate Bill 1661.
But the correct comparison to the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act would be Senate Bill 1662, “Born-Alive Infant Defined.”
No wonder the bills didn’t match up.
Couldn’t have been purposeful misrepresentation, could it?
Also see Matt Bowman’s analysis, of the Alliance Defense Fund.
[HT: Fran at Illinois Review]

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