Do her people really want to go there? If so they’ll incite comments like mine: It appears Hillary is repeatedly doomed by men who can’t keep their pants zipped.
From ABC News, today:
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Sen. Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee if John Edwards had been caught in his lie about an extramarital affair and forced out of the race last year, insists a top Clinton campaign aide, making a charge that could exacerbate previously existing tensions between the camps of Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama….

“I believe we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee,” former Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson told
Clinton finished third in the Iowa caucuses barely behind Edwards in second place and Obama in first. The momentum of the insurgent Obama campaign beating two better-known candidates – not to mention an African-American winning in such an overwhelmingly white state – changed the dynamics of the race forever.
Obama won 37.6% of the vote. Edwards won 29.7% and Clinton won 29.5%….
“Our voters and Edwards’ voters were the same people,” Wolfson said the Clinton polls showed. “They were older, pro-union. Not all, but maybe two-thirds of them would have been for us and we would have barely beaten Obama.”

Read my previous posts on the Edwards-adultery-love-child scandal here and here.
Speaking of, according to the Wall Street Journal today:

For most of the 10 months since allegations of former Sen. John Edwards’s extramarital affair appeared in the National Enquirer, the story was marginalized….
They ignored the story at their peril….
“New media really helped keep this story alive,” the Enquirer’s Editor in Chief David Perel said.

[Photos courtesy of ABC News]

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