I live in IL and have always functioned as a pro-life activist on the wrong side of the politically corrupt government, and not just Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
But Blagojevich in particular has expressed not just hostility to pro-life measures but hostility to preborn life.
I hope U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald will someday expose the theres I know are there and the whys behind Blagojevich’s extraordinary impositions of anti-life laws and expenditures on the state.
The list is long, but there was one in which I was involved….
All eyes are now focused on Democrats to launch impeachment proceedings; and note they are being slow about it. They really, really want Blagojevich to quit. I wanted him to at first, but I’m now laughing that he doesn’t. If they’re forced to impeach
him, they indict themselves. They’re all guilty. They all have skeletons just like his. They all are worrying: What does Fitzgerald have on us?
But I digress….

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