UPDATE, 3:55p: FYI, Americans United for Life also has model language for legislative consideration entitled, “Regulation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies.”

I don’t know why Nadya Suleman opted for single, poverty-stricken motherhood on steroids, pun intended, undergoing the in vitro fertilization procedure several times to produce 14 children since 2001. The last eight were born Jan. 26….
But in one fell swoop Suleman has spotlighted problems with unregulated IVF and turned public opinion against unregulated IVF….

Now is the time for pro-lifers to introduce legislation in their states regulating IVF and with it regulating the creation and care of embryos.
There is perfect model language, introduced in the Georgia Senate last week, The Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos Act, SB169.
SB169 limits the number of embryos implanted to the same number fertilized, up to a maximum of 3, which will stop the practice of freezing human embryos and curtail selective reductions.
The bill defines ex utero embryos as human beings with inherent rights, so court disputes must be decided in the best interest of the embryo, not either parent fighting over the embryo.
SB169 goes much further, outlawing all forms of human cloning, creation of chimeras, etc. David Prentice of the Family Research Council has endorsed SB 169.
Importantly, the wording of SB169 attempts to take Catholic concerns about IVF into account. Crafters are hoping for the endorsement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, even today….

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