UPDATE, 12p: I was in such a hurry to get out of here today I forgot to write I think Radaronline.com’s sinister background music was way over the top. Thanks to commenter Lauren for reminding me of that thought.
In part III of Radaronline.com’s video exposé of OctoMom Nadya Suleman arguing with her mother over her most recent decision to undergo IVF, which resulted in octuplets, we see the Suleman home.
It’s not awful; I’ve seen worse. But it’s not good either. Chaotic, cramped, cluttered, a tad white trashy.
I’m wondering more and more about Nadya’s grasp on reality. Help for only one year? Envisioning moving to only a 3-4 bedroom home, because she likes close living arrangements? I think of the need for space at Jon and Kate plus Eight’s home or the Duggar home in 17 Kids and Counting – which is a number not too far from Nadya’s 14.
And I have decided I definitely don’t like Nadya’s mother. Very negative person, and why does she continually draw away from Nadya, as if she thinks Nadya is going to hit her?

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