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The Life Training Institute, a Christian pro-life apostolate featuring Scott Klusendorf and Dr. Julie Parton, is an invaluable resource for pro-lifers. Scott is a pro-life speaker who can be heard on YouTube here and here.
LTI distributes a wonderful podcast dealing with pro-life arguments and responses to pro-choice arguments. Some of the issues that they have
dealt with in detail are…

  • the bodily autonomy argument
  • an RH Reality Check Personhood argument, and
  • Obama‘s recent stem cell decision
  • At the end of each podcast, LTI member and medical doctor “Serge,” reviews a different scientific paper publicized by the MSM to “spin” facts on such topics as, “abstinence education doesn’t work,” showing the problems and flaws in that paper.
    Episodes can be downloaded individually on the LTI blog (on the right sidebar under LTI Podcast) or one can subscribe via iTunes by searching “Life Training Institute Podcast.” Information about the contents of each individual podcast may also be found on the blog.
    I cannot say enough about the quality and logic of the arguments that LTI presents on these podcasts. Pro-lifers need to internalize them and be ready to give a defense for the hope that lies within us (1 Peter 3:15).
    God love you.

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