… One beneficiary of Kathleen Sebelius’ good cheer toward abortionists was Krishna Rajanna, who owned a Topeka chop shop.
After it was discovered he kept a filthy mill with evidentiary photographs of a dead mouse in the hall and aborted babies in the refrigerator, the latter which staffers said they saw Rajanna eating in soup, legislators introduced clinic regulation legislation. Sebelius vetoed that twice….
All this information and more is waiting in the wings for Sebelius’ confirmation hearing, but will it ever see the light of day?
Likely not, thanks to KS Senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts….
But here is where Brownback in particular made a common pro-life politician’s mistake, which too many pro-lifers accept: Casting dreams for what he could do for us tomorrow, Brownback didn’t do the right thing today.
I don’t care what pro-life politicians promise they will do for me tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. I only care what they do for me today. In fact, they’re only where they are today because they cast dreams in a previous campaign to do something for me today….
Now to the damage abortion loving Sebelius could do as HHS secretary….

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