UPDATE, 10:25p: Politico’s Ben Smith called Brownback/Roberts’ endorsement “a setback to the attempt to rally conservative Catholics against Kathleen Sebelius….”
UPDATE, 10p: Headline seen on Twitter: “Who broke Brownback?”
Also read Jenn Giroux’s op ed in Human Events.
UPDATE, 1:05p: Here’s an interesting headline, just posted by CNN:
cnn sebelius.jpg
More from the story…

Calling Sebelius an “enemy of the unborn,” Catholic League President Bill Donohue said the KS governor’s nomination is particularly disturbing because the health and human services secretary is one of the few members of the administration who can directly affect abortion policy.
“Sebelius’ support for abortion is so far off the charts that she has been publicly criticized by the last three archbishops of KS City,” Donohue said in a statement….
GOP Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts of KS seem willing to give her a pass on her stance on abortion.

sebelius kissing obama.jpg

Brownback… one of the leading anti-abortion voices in the Senate, recently released a statement with Roberts, congratulating Sebelius and expressing an eagerness to work with their fellow Kansan on health issues.
The senators said they expect to have several differences of opinion with the Obama administration… but they make no mention of the abortion issue.
David Brody [of]… the Christian Broadcasting Network, said the omission could pose a problem for anti-abortion advocates hoping to down Sebelius’ nomination.
“It’s a problem, and Sam Brownback has been in long step with them on the abortion issue. That’s a setback for them,” he said….
However, those who are predicting a tussle over her Cabinet nomination concede that her experience will not be the bone of contention when she goes before the Senate.
“The pro-life groups have an itchy trigger finger on this. The inbox was full before Sebelius was nominated. They’re ready for a fight.”….
The abortion fight, however, may be one that Obama’s team wants to avoid, he said Monday.
“Do they want to be sucked in, if you will, to a fight over abortion? Or do they want to leave that for a summer battle over a Supreme Court nominee potentially?” Brody asked. “That’s the danger here for the Obama administration, to be a distraction.”

[Photo courtesy of the Associated Press]
UPDATE, 12:45p: Great line from a piece in KansasCity.com today: “What’s next; Dr. George Tiller for Surgeon General?”
[HT: reader Susie A.]
tiller sebelius 3.jpgIt occurred to me the White House might be forced to nominate radically pro-abort KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as Department of Health and Human Services Secretary after news leaked it was pausing due to her loathsome reputation among pro-lifers.
(Pictured right are Sebelius and late-term Wichita abortionist GeorgeTiller together at a party she hosted for him at the mansion in 2007.)
Fear of pro-abortion recrimination, pride, whatever.
And so it did, but demonstrating it considered Sebelius a red-haired stepchild pick, the WH made the announcement early Saturday evening, just in time for no one to read or hear about it.
LifeNews.com reported liberal Obama-supporting group Catholics United immediately launched Catholics for Sebelius, which brings me to this blood-boiler…
roberts - brownback.jpg
I see the confusion on your faces. Yes, Brownback and Roberts are pro-life, although one couldn’t tell by their glowing endorsement of Friend of Tiller. No mention of the mother of all health care concerns – abortion – in their press release admitting they have “different viewpoints than the Administration on many issues….”
Brownback wants to run for KS governor in 2010, so he’s speeding to the mushy middle. This isn’t the 1st time Benedict Brownback has abandoned pro-life principles. Only last year he slunk away from Phill Kline (read here and here) and the fight against late-term abortions in KS.
I expect this oft-seen scenario: Brownback will spend the bulk of his campaign denying he’s a radical pro-lifer against a well-funded pro-abortion juggarnaut, which will vehemently fight his candidacy no matter what he does to erase his credentials. In the meantime he’ll get only soft support from pro-lifers, so he’ll ultimately lose to a Democrat.
Meanwhile, Brownback has made himself a tool for the Left. Catholics for Sebelius was all too happy to post Brownback’s glowing recommendation of Sebelius:
catholics for sebelius - brownback.jpg

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