weekend question.jpgPresident Obama announced plans March 6 to begin taxpayer funding of human embryo experimentation, bad enough.
The question remains, however, whether Obama will also lift the ban against creating embryos specifically for research, rather than relying on “leftover” embryos in fertility clinics. Some researchers want unfettered access to human embryo creation and destruction. From the Washington Post today:

“We’re all waiting to see what the details of the policy will be,” said George Daley, a leading stem cell researcher at Children’s Hospital Boston. “If the policy were limited to lines exclusively from frozen embryos left over at IVF clinics, that would be a very restricted course and exclude some very important lines.”

Do you think Obama will lift that ban as well?
FYI, several member of Congress spoke during a Stem Cell Special Order March 5 against embryonic stem cell research and for adult stem cell research. Watch video here.

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