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  • Women’s Choice Clinic of Oakland, CA, the “oldest feminist health center providing abortions in the nation,” is set to close its doors this week.
  • Rebecca Taylor posts on how Ben and Jerry’s is using a fake cloned cow milk company to educate people about milk from cloned cows:

    So while the people in that video cringe at drinking milk from a cloned cow, they probably support therapeutic cloning. Therapeutic cloning is the cloning of human embryos to harvest stem cells that, in theory, will treat every disease under the sun. And scientists all over the world are rushing to make it a reality….

    I don’t know… drinking milk from a cloned cow or injecting myself with stem cells from my dead embryonic clone? I say pass the Oreos!
    I am puzzled that people are instinctively repulsed by drinking milk from a cloned cow, but not instinctively repulsed by being treated with stem cells taken from a cloned human embryo. And not just any cloned human embryo, but their clone. Can someone please explain this to me?

  • The Manchester Evening News has an update regarding UK anesthetist Dr. Narendra Sharma, who was found not guilty of sexually abusing sedated women undergoing abortions. One of the main defense witnesses “told the jury she had seen bullying and `extreme’ and `open’ racism when she worked at the [Marie Stopes] clinic from July to November.”
  • Wesley Smith shares his 2 cents regarding the Bush conscience protections.
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