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Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee
April 24

  • Adult stem cells from fat tissue offer hope for MS treatment
  • Free speech concerns ignored as “hate crimes” bill passes fed. judiciary comm.
    April 23

  • The Pill makes exercise ineffectual: study
  • Bishops Zubik, Loverde, LeVoir make 46 bishops against ND scandal
    April 22

  • FDA caves to pressure, plans to endanger 17-year-olds
  • Sec. Clinton confirms US thinks abortion access is ‘reproductive health’
  • Dominican Republic enshrines right to life in its constitution
    April 21

  • Catholic bishops condemn Obama admin’s ESCR rules
    April 20

  • Abortion linked to higher domestic violence rates: new research
  • TN PP coaches 14-year-old to lie about ‘boyfriend’s’ age
  • Napolitano defends putting pro-life advocates in terrorism report

  • We are at war (Bishop Robert W. Finn)
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