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  • The LA Times has another article with the thesis that bad economic times are leading to women having more abortions. The article included this story which I’m guessing was supposed to be horrifying:

    She said one woman from Kern County first called ACCESS when she was 11 weeks pregnant. The woman said her insurance wouldn’t cover an abortion and she had tried for weeks to enroll in Medi-Cal, the state’s healthcare system for the poor.
    “She waited 5 weeks for the Medi-Cal. . . . By that point, she felt it was too late to personally go through with it,” Lopez said. “This is a really good example of the barriers that are put in front of women who are trying to make responsible decisions early on.”…

  • Dennis Byrne provides his thoughts in the Chicago Tribune on the recent polls showing a significant uptick in people calling themselves pro-life:

    I guess what the poll shows is that pro-lifers aren’t the oddballs that we’re cracked up to be. It also is a pleasure to see pro-choicers squirm, after they have spent years in the comfort of their perceived majority. One commentator counseled that the poll, combined with the objections to the University of Notre Dame honoring Obama, constitutes some sort of incomprehensible “frenzy” against sexuality. Wow.

  • Mark Rienzi calls Obama to back up his appeal to finding common ground on abortion by asking him to support legislation to inform women about fetal pain.
  • Americans United for Life provides information on the leading candidates for the opening on the US Supreme Court.
  • The Center for Genetics and Society‘s (a pro-embryonic stem cell/anti-human cloning organization) blog notes that an ethics committee in NY has approved women to be paid for their time and the burden of removing their eggs.
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