love of money is indeed still the root of all evil, even at Catholic institutions.
On May 10 Pewsitter revealed many members of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees have ties to President Obama and/or his agenda. Pewsitter portrayed ND’s president, Fr. John Jenkins, as somewhat helpless against them:

But Fr. Jenkins, like all university presidents, must consider the will of the school’s governing board.
The ND Board of Trustees is a powerful organization, comprised of top international business owners, chairs of rich endowments, academic leaders, judges, attorneys, faculty, and prominent clergy. These individuals are typically very wealthy, well-connected and highly accomplished; many with broad interests outside the university.

Many ND Board members have deep connections to Obama, some nefarious. Here’s a sampling from Pewsitter

peggy and richard notebaert.jpg

  • Richard (chair of ND Board) and Peggy Notebaert (pictured left): Received federal funding earmarks for the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum from US Senator Obama.
  • Arthur Velasquez: Received millions in earmarks for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry from US Senator Obama. Also contributed to Obama’s ’04 and ’08 campaigns.
  • Ann Claire Williams: Appointed by Bill Clinton in 1999 to the 7th District US Court of Appeals. Ruled against the DOJ in 2004 to subpoena hospital abortion records to enforce the ban on partial birth abortions. Is on list as possible Souter replacement on US Supreme Court.
  • Philip B. Rooney: Former CEO of Waste Management, Inc., indicted in 2002 with Arthur Andersen and Enron for fraud. WMI settled for $30.8 in penalties. Now barred by SEC from being officer in a public company but retains his position on ND board.
    douglas tong hsu.jpg

  • Douglas Tong Hsu (pictured right): Chairman of Far Eastern Group, a 32-billion dollar Chinese conglomerate. Recently stated democratic governance is hindrance to investment while praising communist China’s system. Indicted in 2006 for breach of trust and forgery, involving Taiwanese First Lady Wu Shu-chen. In 2006, Fr. Jenkins led a delegation to East Asia, where they met with Hsu and travelled to communist Beijing to develop partner programs for ND.
  • Dr. Mary Anne Fox: Chancellor at UC San Diego and Vice-Chair of the National Science Board. Recently announced opening of new UCSD for human embryo experimentation.

  • Robert Conway (pictured left), head of Goldman Sachs (AIG); Philip J. Purcell, former CEO of Morgan Stanley and COO of Dean Witter; Enrique Hernandez Jr., on board of Wells Fargo Bank: All companies recipients of billions in bailout funds and stock purchases and under increasing pressure to appeal to the Obama administration, the Treasury Department, and the US Congress for survival.
  • Raymond G. Chambers: Serves on the ServiceNation leadership council, a political group that supports the enormous multiplication of federal national service programs in the Obama agenda. This includes the just-passed Kennedy Serve America Act, touted as “the largest expansion of community and national service since the launch of the Civilian Conservation Corps.”
    Pewsitter concludes:

    … [A] review of the Board of Trustees at ND does NOT reveal a particularly strong Catholic identity. There are board members whose actions and associations put them in a position directly at odds with Church teaching and in line with the Obama administration.
    At the ND board, we see a group of well-connected well-heeled individuals from all sectors of society, and at the most prominent levels. Taking a stand against inviting the POTUS would likely jeopardize membership in the elite club where they travel….

    [HT: Operation Rescue; Top photo attribution:; Notebaert photo attribution:; Hsu photo attribution: Far Eastern Textile Ltd.; Conway photo attribution: Notre Dame]

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