I reported April 20 that Pro-Life Action League had purchased 2 billboards on IN Tollroad I80/90 within 20 miles of Notre Dame to the east and west, protesting Obama’s appearance at its May 17 commencement. This is what the billboard was to look like:
The billboards were to go up April 27. But there came a problem. The sign company refused to call Obama “pro-abortion.”
It’s certainly odd what people get stuck on. Obama supports abortion. He is pro-abortion. What’s wrong with that? But the ambiguous and obviously sanitized “pro-choice” has become so much a part of our vernacular that a proper description of one’s position on abortion is no longer allowed. 1984. Where’s everyone’s abortion pride?
PLAL and the company went back and forth and finally agreed on “pro-abortion choice.” Joe Scheidler of PLAL told me he’s not even sure what that means (lol) but is happy “pro-abortion” got first billing – with the a-word underlined. So here’s the final sign, which went up May 4. Sorry it’s blurry, but I had to enlarge a small photo:
notre dame pro-abortion choice.jpg
Don’t forget Pro-Life Action League could use donations to help pay for these billboards. Thanks in advance.

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