weekend question.jpgPresident Abortion’s anti-life activism has caused an unexpected backlash.
The 1st sign was the public’s reaction to Obama’s overturn of the Mexico City policy so as to provide taxpayer $$ to international abortion groups. This got him a 65% disapproval rating according to Gallup.
Then Politico.com reported a spike in pro-life recruitment and mobilization.
This week a Pew Poll showed the biggest drop in abortion support in 15 years – mostly from abortion-leaning Independents.
obama sebelius confirmation 2.jpgObama may be winning battles like the Sebelius confirmation, but at this point he’s losing the public opinion war.
Translation: Obama is making abortion unpopular.
The public fights Obama is instigating about abortion through his staff-picks and policy decisions are having an impact….

Next will be the fight over David Souter’s Supreme Court replacement.
But right now Notre Dame is where it’s at. When ND President Fr. John Jenkins announced ND would honor Obama at its May 17 commencement, I’m sure he was braced for backlash. But no one could have anticipated the tsunami.
Read this convicting email from Gregg Cunningham, president of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. As I’ve previously reported, CBR is running an effective ground and air Obama Awareness Campaign. Someone asked him how much $$ he needs for the next 16 days:

… But $15K is a bare-bones budget which I could easily and usefully spend in the time remaining till graduation by simply increasing the number of hours we fly each day.
If I had even more money, I would bring in one or more additional planes. I would very much like to do that because the more hours we fly the more stress we cause the campus and community. The more stress we cause, the less likely it will be that Mr. Obama will end up on another Catholic campus any time soon.

nd dome photo.jpg

Every time Catholic leaders venerate this mass murderer, they reinforce Obama’s subliminal message that “you don’t have to agree with me on abortion, as long as you agree with me that abortion is no big deal.” That empowers him. It makes it easier for him to ram his agenda into law. It makes it easier for him to get re-elected and expand his loony-left majority in Congress.
Our very stressful presence at ND signals the left that if they want to make a pact with the devil, they will pay a price. Mr. Obama just announced he is putting FOCA on the back burner until “some of the anger” dies down. He is talking specifically about us.
The left scoffed at pro-life protesters at ND till we showed up. They scoff no longer…. Liberals think they should be able to get away with serial murder and we should just shut up and take it. They don’t want to be criticized, but they really don’t want to be forced to face the truth that abortion kills real babies and Obama is a real baby-killer. The pictures rain on their commencement parade. The pictures out the fact that everything isn’t alright at ND. Now the pro-Obama students can’t feel quite so good about abortion, Obama or themselves.

cbr cross.jpg

I could spend $30K here between now and graduation and still wish I had more. This is an extraordinary opportunity to pound the opposition. This is one of the few times when Mr. Obama’s handlers have stupidly walked him into a political ambush, and I don’t want to let them walk him back out. They have made the mistake of underestimating the pushback this invitation would trigger, and that makes them extremely vulnerable for the next 16 days.
We have paid for 3 more days of flying at 3 hours per day, but that merely covers graduation weekend. Keeping the pressure on between now and then will fray nerves exponentially with each passing day. That greatly magnifies the impact of those last 3 days. This is a classic psychological warfare operation, and the effect of the stress we are imposing is cumulative. If we ease up and let everyone recover, we greatly diminish the influence of those last 3 days of flying. This is such an extraordinary opportunity…. Don’t you agree?

Yes, I do! Which brings me to this weekend’s question:

Will you please invest money NOW in this critical pro-life battle?

The Stanek website receives between 4-6k unique visitors each day on weekends. If 4k people gave CBR $25, that would give CBR $100k. I know some people coming here are pro-abort, and some pro-lifers can’t give. But you can see there is easy potential to meet a $15k goal and for us to pay to fly CBR’s plane through commencement. I sent CBR a $100 check last week. Some of us can donate a little more. Please give something.
Mail checks to: CBR, PO Box 360503, Columbus, OH 43236
Donate online Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest homepage and click the donate tab 4th line down on the right.
Donate online if possible. You’ll get ‘er done and not have to think about it again, and CBR will better know how much $ it has for this project.
Thanks in advance… :)
[Top photo courtesy of AFP; 2nd photo courtesy of ABC; bottom photo courtesy of CBR]

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