UPDATE, 5/10, 6:30a: While I disagree with Terry/Keyes’ tactics, they have already borne short-term fruit, forcing Notre Dame to pay for extra police coverage during President Abortion’s visit next weekend. From the Associated Press, last night:

The University of Notre Dame has agreed to pay some of the costs that local police will face for helping provide security during next weekend’s visit by President Barack Obama.

keyes arrested.jpg

Notre Dame spokesman Dennis Brown said the school will pay the South Bend and St. Joseph Co. departments for services beyond those required by the Secret Service.
Anti-abortion activists are planning protests when Obama visits next Sunday to speak at the commencement ceremony.
On Friday, former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes and 21 others were arrested when they marched on the university to protest the commencement speech.
About 75 protesters gathered Friday outside the school’s front gate to pray and to listen to Keyes speak before about 30 of them walked onto campus.
Police say the 22 arrested were handcuffed and taken to the St. Joseph County Jail on trespassing charges.

This is so ironic: a Catholic university arresting peaceful pro-life protesters while paying for extra security to honor the most pro-abortion president in history.
Donations by pro-life ND alum comprise some part of this Obama-enabling.
[Photo attribution: WorldNetDaily]
weekend question.jpgThis is the last time I’m going to mention Alan Keyes or Randall Terry as they relate to the Notre Dame scandal unless they do something really outrageous.
Both have done great good for the pro-life movement in the past. Keyes is an amazing orator for the sanctity of life. Terry was one of the founders of pro-life activism….

IMO Keyes lost his standing during his US Senate race against Barack Obama. I was there. He alienated friend, foe, and all who previously had no opinion. Somewhere throughout those months he became a mockery of himself. IMO Terry lost his standing for his personal indiscretions, for which he did not repent.
But many people respect both, and that’s what I want to examine in this weekend’s question:

Violence aside, where is the line drawn in pro-life activism?

keyes spongebob.jpgI was horrified when viewing the videotape of Keyes’ arrest, along with 21 others for trespassing on Notre Dame property yesterday, according to ChicagoBreaking
, to see a bloody Spongebob Squarepants in the stroller he pushed. Oh. My. Goodness. What in the world was he thinking?
It was bad enough that the group caricatured abortion with doll babies and fake blood. As commenter Milehimama wrote, “Can you imagine if someone piled up mannequins and ketchup to protest Holocaust deniers? Bad form.”
I cringed when I saw Keyes and his stroller. He took bad form to a new level.
keyes bloody man.jpgAlso note the guy with the blood-stained shirt walking behind Keyes. Bad form as well. He ended up sitting next to Keyes in the arrest van. Oy.
So please tell me what I am missing. How do stunts and stuntpersons like this help our cause? And where is the line drawn? Dr. Martin Luther King was arrested when he took a stand for civil rights. What is the difference here, if there is any?

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