From comes a newly released documentary of the 2009 36th Annual March for Life – available for viewing on YouTube
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Thine Eyes was professionally filmed and edited using 6 cameras.
What is Thine Eyes all about and why was it filmed?…

The title was taken from Psalm 139:16:

Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Thy book were all written the days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them.

From the website:

This documentary film provides a firsthand view of the spirit of the March for Life and its participants.
To accomplish this goal a team of professionals has been assembled to produce a high definition film of this significant event:
They are Steve Sanborn, Executive Producer; Jack Cashill, Producer; Mike Wunsch, Outpost Pictures, Director; and actress Jennifer O’Neill, Narrator.
The film specifically does 4 things:
1. Provides accurate and artistic coverage of the 36th annual March for life to be shared with the world via DVD, Christian television networks and on YouTube. A sub-point to be made here is that mainstream media presence and coverage is tracked in this film.
2. Includes a fund raising appeal component on behalf of the pro-life movement in general. Viewers must know that the pro-life movement raises roughly $50 million annually while our opponents raise billions. This film inspires pro-life people to give time, talent and treasure to the pro-life cause.
3. Raises awareness about the March for Life and the prolife position, with a specific target – young people – with a message that is strictly based on the “conception to natural death” position.
4. Provides a visual resource to prolife organizations, schools, churches and any person or organization that wishes to make use of this resource.

The film is receiving great audience reviews. Purchase your own copy for $20 here, or producers have generously made the film available on YouTube. Watch it in its 50 minute entirety below or in 5 parts.

I have not had a chance to review the film and will be interested in your take. I’m planning to write a review of 6 new pro-life films in next week’s World Net Daily column.

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