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  • The Washington Post has an article on late-term abortions which basically allows Warren Hern, Leroy Carhart and the National Abortion Federation’s Vicky Saporta to make a number of unsubstantiated claims about the women who come to them for post-viability abortions and the only response is a couple of short quotes from Operation Rescue.
    Why couldn’t the Post find a pro-life doctor who specializes in helping women who want to carry their children with fetal anomalies to term?

  • Meanwhile, the LA Times features an article on Warren Hern and his clinic. Apparently, the only pro-lifer they could find to reply to Hern was CO Right to Life’s Bob Enyart, who has two quotes…

    Bob Enyart, spokesman for CO Right to Life, which has demonstrated against Hern for decades, said that although his group doesn’t condone Tiller’s slaying, abortion providers should expect that violence begets violence.
    “If a Mafia hit man gets killed, people recognize it’s an occupational hazard,” he said….
    Enyart has no sympathy. “The perpetrators of widespread injustice like slave traders and Nazis expect to go home and live in tranquility. That’s an absurd expectation.”

    Really, Bob? Is your desire for publicity so strong you’re willing to pull a Randall Terry just to get quoted in the LA Times?

  • A PA abortion clinic employee is suing a protester, claiming he injured her back by hitting her with his car:

    The suit alleges Mull’s car “without warning accelerated,” hit her and she was thrown to the ground.
    Mull’s attorney, Joseph Green, says that’s a claim that’s been “very, very vigorously denied.”
    “It was a low-energy impact, if it even occurred,” Green said, noting that, if anything, Mull’s side mirror may have touched Murphy. “Certainly it wasn’t anything intentional, and any contact was very slight if it occurred.”

  • A CA man has been convicted of 2 counts of murder after killing his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn child:

    Ashley, who has a wife and three children, testified on Monday that he lost control of himself when Grayson, who was 8 1/2 months pregnant, told him that he wasn’t the father of her unborn child.
    But prosecutor Casey Bates said he thinks that the evidence in the case indicates that Ashley killed Grayson, using a pair of scissors, because she wouldn’t get an abortion or give up the child for adoption.
    Bates said that when Ashley finally called many hours after he stabbed Grayson, he said, “My baby’s mother has been stabbed.”

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