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  • Fr. Frank Pavone writes about how men can choose abortion.
  • A FL man has been arrested for beating and sexually assaulting a pregnant woman:

    Officers allege [Charles] Daniels abused the woman, hitting her in the stomach, putting his hands around her throat and telling her she would never see her children again, an arrest report stated.
    Daniels had been dating the 36-year-old Gainesville woman about a week and wanted her to have an abortion because the child wasn’t his, the report stated.

  • Joe Carter on the “uneasy conscience of a pro-choice apologist”…

    But while this shift in focus from rhetoric to morality will ensure that the pro-choice movement will lose ground, it does not necessarily mean a win for the pro-life cause. A primary reason is that the number of morally serious pro-choicers willing to confess in public to harboring such qualms remains discouragingly small. Even more importantly, the bar for what constitutes moral seriousness has been set so low for the pro-choice cause that people like Saletan and Kissling can admit that a viable fetus is a living human being yet still maintain that people should have the legal right to kill them.
    Nevertheless, pro-choicers expressing pangs of conscience is a trend that should be encouraged. Pro-choice apologists may be able to live with the cognitive dissonance but others who are forced to face the morality of abortion may choose differently. And in the Age of Obama, that may be the best we pro-lifers can hope for.

    Jessica at Feministing has linked to the piece mentioned above by former Catholics for a Free Choice head Frances Kissling (pictured below left) in which Kissling notes there are some abortions she thinks shouldn’t be performed. The majority of Feministing’s commenters oppose Kissling’s view and some even refuse to oppose women getting abortions because they wouldn’t like the astrological sign their child would be born under (an example given by Kissling).
    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Frances_Kissling.jpgTheir views may be abhorrent but at least they’re consistent. If you think women have a right to complete bodily autonomy, then you shouldn’t have a problem with a woman having an abortion because she prefers to have a child born under a certain astrological sign.

  • Researchers in CA are hoping they’ll be able to use placenta stem cells (a form of adult stem cells) to help treat minority patients who often have a difficult time finding an exact bone marrow match:

    In a study published this month, Dr. Kuypers’ team documented that stem cells taken from the placenta survived transfusion into animals, and indeed began producing healthy blood cells. That is the key to their effectiveness in treating diseases of the blood, like sickle cell anemia….
    Placenta blood also has advantages over options like bone marrow transplant because the donor match does not have to be as exact.

  • I think I’ve previously noted how abortion clinics in the UK will soon be allowed to advertise on television. The Daily Mail notes some opposition to this move and then includes this reasoning for the change:

    The plan to allow pregnancy advisory services and abortion clinics to advertise on TV and radio was announced earlier this year by the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice.
    They believe it could reduce the UK’s teenage pregnancy rate – the highest in Europe – and sexually-transmitted infections.

    How would abortion advertising lower STIs and the teen pregnancy rate?
    [Photo attribution: musawah.org]

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